2021 Pilot Tariff Hearing Timeline



Houston Pilots submit Pilotage Rate Change Application 

August 13th 

Pilot Board Sets Opening Hearing Date 

August 17th 

Houston Pilots to begin providing notice of application and hearing 

August 17th 

Deadline for submission of Pilot Financial Report 

August 30th 

Pilot Board to Post Notice of Hearing and Agenda 

August 30th 

Pilot Rate Hearing Opens: procedures approved 

September 9th 

Deadline for written submission by interested parties 

September 23rd 

Deadline for rebuttal submittals 

September 30th 

Continued Hearing: oral presentations (Pilots and interested parties) 

October 7th 

Pilot Board Rate Decision by or before this date – and assessment of costs for hearing – this is Final Order if no Written Request for Reconsideration Received 

October 17th 

Aggrieved Party may Submit Written Request Reconsideration 

October 21st 

Pilot Board Issues Final Order if Request for Reconsideration was Received – No Further Actions Permitted before Pilot Board 

November 20th 


Fall 2021 Houston Pilot Rate Application 

Procedural Rules 

  • Written materials shall be submitted electronically to the Secretary (tgavis@houstonpilotboard.com) no later than September 23, 2021.
  • Written materials submitted by interested parties shall not exceed twenty (20) pages in length and shall be limited to addressing any factors relevant to determining reasonable and just pilotage rates pursuant to Transportation Code Sec.66.064. Click here for details.
  • Rebuttal submissions shall not exceed ten (10) pages in length, and shall be limited to addressing issues raised by the previous written submissions and oral presentations.
  • Any financial information received from the Houston Pilots shall be treated as confidential and trade secret information.
  • Parties who have provided written materials may make a request to appear on the Agenda and make a substantive appearance or presentation at the October 7th Pilotage Rate Change Hearing. Such requests must be received no later than twelve (12) days prior to the hearing (September 25, 2021). Any such request must include the time requested, the name of the organization and person representing same, and a general outline of the presentation.
  • Interested parties not placed on the Agenda may speak during the Pilotage Rate Change Hearing during the Public Comment Section and will be limited to five (5) minutes speaking time.